• Alpha Beta Microbes

Alpha Beta Microbes Technology utilises three major classes of beneficial micro-organisims. Those Yeast, Lactic Acid and Phototropic Bacteria. This consortium dominates any system into which it is introduced. Motivating all existing bacteria in that system in a regenerative direction.

The Mother Culture contains 40 Trace Minerals, 18 Amino Acids, various organic acid compounds, 100 types of enzymes, B Complex Vitamins, Vitamin A (in the form of Retonin) as well as the live microbes which make up the solution itself.

Beneficial bacteria are responsible for digestion as the assimilation of nutrients from food for use in the body - the efficacy of food decreases in direct proportion to the lack of bacteria in the body – by including the Alpha Beta Microbes into the diet, absorptions of vitamins and minerals is greatly increased.

The body’s immune system is also boosted which keeps Pigeons heathier.


Prevents infections and breaks down toxins

Directions for Use :

Add one (1) Tablespoon (15ml) to one (1) Litre of water.

Frequency :


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Alpha Beta Microbes

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