Cili Bao Health South Africa is the developer, manufacturer and Trademark holder of the Cili Bao natural product range.

Gerhard Joubert established the product range in 1994 after realizing the potential life changing effect of the Cili Bao Fruit. After many years of research, the current products were perfected.

Cili Bao Health offer product ranges for both Humans and Animals.

Essential Natural Wholefood for the Entire Family

Each portion containing a vast majority of the daily required enzymes and natural occurring micro molecular vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Care has been taken to ensure that not one of our products are exposed to high heat or preservatives. Our products are natural and still offer the consumer an extended shelf life.

Product Quality
All Cili Health S.A products are submitted to the SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) for quality and oxidation testing.