Return & Refund Policy

The provision of goods and services by Cili Bao Health is subject to availability. In cases of unavailability, Cili Bao Health will refund the client in full within 30 days.

A Customer can cancel an order if payment has not been made yet. Once payment has been made by the customer, the order can only be cancelled within 24 hours of Hemptons receiving the payment or before the order has been dispatched by Hemptons, whichever is earlier. A cancellation of a paid order will attract a 15% administration and restocking fee.

If a product is damaged or broken on receipt, the Customer needs to inform Cili Bao Health within 24 hours of receipt. Arrangements will be made for the damaged product to be collected and a replacement product will be sent free of charge or alternatively a full refund will be granted for the damaged or broken product.

If incorrect products are received, the Customer needs to inform Cili Bao Health within 24 hours of receipts. We will check our systems and will arrange to swap the incorrect product for the one actually ordered. Cili Bao Health will only replace the product if the product is returned in its original state (if the product has been used - even to test it, we are not able to replace it).

Please note that this does not apply to incorrectly ordered products. If incorrect products were ordered, the Customer must inform Cili Bao Health immediately on receipt. Cili Bao Health will arrange to collect the incorrect product/s and will replace it with a correct substitute/s. The Customer will be billed for the collection and replacement delivery charges.

Goods may only be returned if:

1. They are in their original unopened containers, in good condition and still within the expiry / use before date;

2. It is clear the goods were defective and or spoilt on receipt. The Customer needs to inform Cili Bao Health within 24 hours of receipt of the problem.

3. It is evident that they have not been used or subjected to adverse conditions and/or are not "shop" damaged

4. They are packed separately from other goods

5. Return costs are born by the returnee. If it is apparent that the product was spoilt or damaged in transit, Cili Bao Health will bear the cost of returns.

6. When contacting Cili Bao Health for a return, please Quote :

  • Invoice number for the item
  • Date of arrival
  • Condition of item at time of arrival
  • Detailed explanation of the issue
  • Whether you prefer a refund or replacement